Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cece from 93.5 Kday LA is our official announcer!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you've heard her as of lately on the morning show with Tattoo and the other morning show crew!  I came across her information looking for plus sized advocates in the Las Vegas area, where she started at 97.5 as a dj and has since relocated to L.A. to work for Kday.  There were several things that drew me to Cece, also known as Cecilia Mamacita.   It was easy to get caught up in her beauty, a flawless face with a beautiful smile and perfect features that just jump out at you.  Most of all, her positive personality and finding her twitter filled with so many positive messages just made her perfect for BBWFANFEST.

She urges you to look past her size, ethnic background, and any other visually obvious  features and just see her as a beautiful young lady striving for success in today's world.  Proud latina, and plus sized figured woman; she'd just rather be seen as "Cece" and not labeled or stereo typed.  We all know what that is like. 

What surprised me the most about her, is when I contacted her about being a part of the BBWFANFEST show, she was excited and jumped at the opportunity immediately and without hesitation!  I was afraid of the adult content of the show being a buzz kill, but she didn't budge for a moment.  As a matter of fact, she is eager to be at the show and see the beautiful plus sized beauties in their sexiest form! 

I am excited to meet Cece at the end of this month, when I go to L.A. for BBWFANFEST business.   Expect a lot of pictures with this hot lady, and you can always check her out in the mornings on http://935kday.com from 6am-10am pst in LA!

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